Lawyer Speaking Tip: Keeping Your Audience’s Attention

3 Ways Lawyers Can Capture Attention At Speaking EngagementsIn the last few months we’ve featured a variety of posts on the benefits to public speaking.  As a result, many attorneys have expressed interest in making a solid effort at finding and securing speaking opportunities in the new year.

This particular post focuses on keeping your audiences attention during your presentations.  Be sure to bookmark this article and refer to it when you get ready to present.

Keep Your Audience’s Attention:  Public Speaking for Lawyers

1.  Present During Optimal Times

If you’re speaking at a big event, see if you can get a speaking slot in the morning – that’s when people are at their best.   Avoid the after lunch time slot if at all possible — it can be tough to get the crowd to focus on your information when they’re tummies are overfull from lunch.

2.  Make It Visually Stimulating

Have you ever been to a presentation where the slides were full of content?  Don’t bore your audience with text-based slides.  Instead use images to spice up your presentation.  When you add pictures to your slides, people are more likely to remember the information you shared.

3.  Switch It Up Every 10 Minutes

According to this article, attention wanes after about 10 minutes.  Consider this when planning your presentations and build in a strategic change every 10 minutes or so.  A simple change can be asking a question that stimulates audience interaction, use a flip chart or whiteboard, show a video clip, tell a story — you can find creative ways to keep your audience focused and avoid boredom.

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