3 Ways Lawyers Can Capture Attention At Speaking Engagements

Attorneys Keep Attention At Speaking Engagements.   Image courtesy of bigjom at FreeDigitalPhotos.netSpeaking is one of the best ways to connect with consumers who need your help.

Finding and securing speaking opportunities is one challenge for many attorneys.   If you’re looking for ways to find potential speaking opportunities, check out this blog post ‘3 Tips to Finding Speaking Engagements for Attorneys’.

Once you have speaking engagements secured in your calendar, there’s more work that needs to be done to ensure you captivate and hold your audiences attention.   An attentive and engaged audience could mean new clients for your law firm.

Here are three tips to help you keep the attention of your audience:

1.  Create Curiosity

Start your presentation with a bang!  Invest some time to come up with great opening lines that will intrigue the audience, spark their ears and peak their interest.  If you captivate them at the very beginning, you’ll likely hold their attention throughout.

2.  Less About You … More About Them

Do not start your presentation talking all about yourself.  Instead talk about your audience – their goals, their challenges, the things that are keeping them up at night.  Capture their attention by connecting to what they’re dealing with — show them you understand.

3. Tell Them A Story

Storytelling is a powerful way to connect with your audience – in person and in your content marketing (blog posts, articles, videos etc.).  Tell a story that relates to the common challenges of your audience – perhaps describing one of your past clients, their situation and the end result.

When you start with a story at the beginning of your presentation (assuming it’s a good story), your audience will build a connection with you based on you sharing a situation that may be similar to theirs.  Through this connection they may even start to like and trust you a little bit more.

Bonus Tip:  4.  Connect Emotionally

Use natural humor, a confession or a story to connect emotionally to your audience.  Many people are intimidated by lawyers and the law.  Allow your personality and sincerity to come out naturally – allowing people to see that yes, you are a ‘real’ person and they will start to be more comfortable with you and build trust in you.


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