Social Media on Steroids: How One Lawyer is Live Casting and Newsjacking

Mitch Jackson

Through his live casts, Mitch Jackson  has become a legal expert…and there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

There is no lawyer doing social media better than Mitch Jackson, Esq., a highly successful injury lawyer in southern California.  Mitch has been become a superstar legal expert through the use of livestreaming.  Livestreaming is simple and easy for any technophobe to do.

With livestreaming apps such as Periscope or Meerkat, you can live cast to the world with one click of a button. Just grab your smart phone and download the mobile apps for Meerkat and Periscope.

Now, when there is breaking news about the legal cases of Bill Cosby or Oscar Pistorius (the “Blade Runner”), open the app and broadcast your unique spin on the case to the world. You should begin, “This is breaking news from Joe Lawyer.”

“We are all media companies today.” – Mitch Jackson, Esq.

There can be live comments and questions while you broadcast live.  While you’re livestreaming, you ask, “Where is everyone visiting us today? Would anyone like to join me or comment during this live Meerkat?”

Your followers will tweet it out to their followers and it keeps snowballing.  At the end of your live cast, you should share the link to your video on Facebook and LinkedIn for those who could not watch live.

Don’t pitch or try to sell anything—no calls to action allowed!  Just give value to reporters and your fans by giving your unique angle on the breaking news.  All you need is a minute or two with a viewpoint that no one else is giving.


Find something you are passionate about. Take the recent settlement of comedian Tracy Morgan in his lawsuit against Walmart.  In the lawsuit, Tracy Morgan’s lawyers alleged that Walmart required its truck drivers to exceed the maximum number of driving hours in order to maximize profit.

When Morgan’s case settled for $6 million, his lawyers agreed to confidentiality (and as you know, that’s really bad).  Your unique angle could be that Morgan failed to promote the public interest by agreeing to a secret settlement.  Reporters haven’t heard this before and now they want to hear more from you.

But there’s no limit to your unique take on breaking news.  You might give your perspective as a trial lawyer, namely:

  • What you think of the trial.
  • What the evidence means to you.
  • What will happen next.

Reporters scour the internet for a unique, specific take on breaking news. If you’ve got a unique spin on a news story and share your legal opinions via livestreaming, reporters will find you.

Building Perceived Expertise

But better yet, don’t wait for reporters to find you. Develop relationships with reporters and add value. Once you have a relationship, you can reach out to a reporter with your unique perspective on a news story. Start with one reporter and build the relationship by taking a reporter to lunch (yes, they like to eat too).

Begin building a list of local reporters—their email addresses are listed in the newspapers. Once you’ve got a unique angle on breaking news, send your livestream via email to the reporters. You can embed the livestream into your blog or website and share the channel with reporters. Now, you’re not hoping reporters find you—you’re almost guaranteeing it.

You have to jump on breaking news within 10-15 minutes—things need to be done immediately.  And remember, you are here to help—not sell. You want to give consumers and reporters great information about the rights of injury victims and get your message out to as many people as you can.

Expand to a Global Sphere of Influence

Still have doubts about newsjacking? Check out Mitch Jackson, Esq.’s website, Human.Social, where you can watch his interviews of Katie Couric, social media gurus Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy Kawasaki, marketing expert, Seth Godin and business leader, Jason Fried (SEO of Basecamp).  Even better, check out Mitch’s story, How Trial Lawyers will use Google Glass to Select Juries and Win Cases.

Mitch Jackson, Esq. has a ton of free videos that will show you how he uses Newsjacking to build his practice at his website,  Through his live casts, Mitch Jackson, Esq. has become a legal expert…and there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

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  1. Mitch Jackson Says:

    Hi John- I just returned from a long day in court and saw your very kind and generous article in my email inbox. Thank you so much for sharing the exciting mobile live streaming options with your readers and audience. These are exciting times and lawyers can embrace and use these technologies (Periscope, Meerkat, Blab…) to build better relationships with the consumer and expand their spheres of influence. If anyone has questions about the approaches John shared in his article, please feel free to reach out. I’ll be in NY in September speaking at the Periscope NY event. Maybe we can get together and do some live streaming together :-)


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