Are You Marketing A Law Firm With A Bad Business Card?

Business cards are one of oldest marketing tools that attorneys still rely on for marketing a law firm.nancyfox

But is your business card really supporting your marketing efforts? Are you attracting clients and referrals consistently?

If not, I challenge you to take a look at your most recent business card and consider whether it:

  • best represents you and your law firm?
  • clearly states your area of specialty?
  • is memorable – when people look at it months later, will they remember you?  Will they refer you?

These are all points that Nancy Fox, founder of The Business Fox, a business consulting and training company, touches on in the video below.

Listen in as Nancy shares why she didn’t take a specific business card back to the office with her, as well as 3 very specific details you want to consider when designing your next business card.



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Nancy Fox

About Nancy Fox

Nancy Fox, founder and President of The Business Fox, a business advisory firm, has consulted to and coached hundreds of lawyers and professionals in business development, online and offline marketing, niche marketing, and networking, guiding them to breakthrough levels of success. She’s been featured and quoted in Business Week, The New York Times, The Daily News, CBS Money Watch, and has spoken at Rotary Clubs, national conferences, and co-founded the highly successful networking event, Metro Roundtable, bringing top tier lawyers, accountants, and trusted advisors together to meet, mingle, and refer business. Her book, Network Like A Fox™ will be released in Spring 2013.

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