Mobile & Local Are Booming – 2 Steps To Getting Ready

Did you know that the Google publically admitted that the increase in mobile activity took them off guard in 2013?  

If it took Google off guard, image the rest of us!

Mobile usage has significantly increased over the years but in 2013 the vast majority of people embraced mobile.

The question for you is–what have you done to prepare for the mobile boom?

I met with Tanner Jones, Marketing Director, to learn what you can do right now to get ready (or more ready) for this mobile boom.     Check out the video and notes below to learn what you can do now to get ready (or more ready) for this boom.


Over 56% of Americans have a smart phone and use it to browse web.

Over 50% of mobile search has local intent.  This means users are looking for something local – i.e. entertainment, businesses and events.

With consumers embracing mobile technology, you need to provide a clean experience and strong visibility in the mobile places, as well as strong reviews for your law practice.

Here are 2 groundwork pieces you can do right away to get started:

1.    Making sure you have a responsive design.  Responsive design is where your main website is going to serve visitors regardless of which kind of device they’re using – a pc, tablet, mobile phone.

Test your website’s design – Visit your website and shrink it down from the top right corner.  If  your website doesn’t resize to where it clearly shows the entire website in the bottom left corner – it’s not a responsive design.

2.    Go out and get reviews.  We know reviews establish credibility.  Have your clients leave positive reviews online about your practice.

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Tanner Jones

About Tanner Jones

Tanner Jones serves as the marketing director for,. Consultwebs fosters professional, long-term relationships built on trust, integrity, quality and results. Often the first contact our clients have with our firm, Tanner helps law firms develop their online marketing strategies, including search engine optimization, responsive website design, and pay-per-click advertising. Tanner has spoken and presented at multiple legal marketing seminars throughout the country.

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