Stop Struggling with Content Development: Tips for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Content Marketing for Bankruptcy LawyersContent marketing isn’t taught in law school, so it’s not surprising to see that content marketing is a tough area for most attorneys.

For bankruptcy attorneys, what does it mean to develop a strong content marketing plan? What kind of content should you be creating and for where? Tanner Jones, Marketing Director of shares some tips to help.

There’s no shortage of general information about bankruptcy. In fact, most bankruptcy attorneys have the typical content already in place on their legal websites – a home page, an attorney bio page and high level bankruptcy pages on the general bankruptcy matters. Typically it’s easy for an attorney to come up with this high level content, it’s when these general pages are completed that they start to struggle.

Check out the video and listen to the tips Tanner shares to help bankruptcy attorneys with developing content.

Here’s how you can create more content beyond these base pages.

First, know that there are two kinds of content:

Static Content: the practice area content, frequently asked questions, etc.
Blog Content: more timely articles or narrowly focused content.

All content, regardless on if it’s static of blog content, should be resourceful and of value to the reader.  A simple way to ensure this is to think of your prospective clients. How can you give them what they need and build an emotional connection with them at the same time.

You think of the questions they’re typically asking Google, and you write about those.

For example, how about creating content related to credit counseling? And what about the emotional affects of bankruptcy?

When you write about these sensitive topics, you are providing value and you will also connect with the reader, allowing them to build a connection with you, and trust you above your competition.

Still struggling with coming up with new content? Here’s one more tip. Check out your competitor’s websites, read what they’re writing and consider what you could do better. There is no shortage of content that you can review and customize to develop a better piece of content for your own website (make sure you quote your source as appropriate).

Consumers search online because they want information without having to book an appointment and walk into an attorneys office. What can you do to make these consumers (aka potential clients) feel comfortable and connected to you before they call your office.



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This means even if you drive thousands of visitors to your website every day, this traffic is worth very little value to your law firm if you’re not converting those prospects into inquiries.

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