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John Fisher on Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referral Based Marketing

John Fisher on Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referral Based Marketing

By John Fisher, a medical malpractice plaintiff’s attorney in Kingston, NY, see www.ultimateinjurylaw.com and www.protectingpatientrights.com. You want the big cases through glamorous, self-promoting ads that make you look like a superstar. You justify the huge outlay of cash with the occasional big case that strikes gold. And you think life is good, you’re making some […]

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Why Your Legal Competitors Blog … Why Aren’t You?

Why Do Lawyers Blog?

Why do lawyers blog?  Why do other lawyers choose not to blog? A post at LegalProductivity.com caught my eye.  Quite honestly I was fascinated by the responses that twenty-three attorneys shared about why they blog. I was impressed to read how many attorneys write simply because (1) they love to write and (2) writing helps […]

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The Lawyer’s Online Trifecta – Do You Have It? – Part 1

Law Firm Online Marketing

If you don’t, you should be investing in a favorable odds strategy that positions your law firm to win at the online business game. Here’s a “Hot Tip” on doing it right. Internet commerce is growing at a rate relative to and congruent with technological innovation and consumers now resort to the internet for practically […]

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3 Tips to Help Lawyers Who Are Too Busy To Blog

Lawyers are Too Busy to Blog

Are you just way too busy to write new blog content for your law firm?  You have absolutely no time to write an article, record a video, create a quick top 10 list –it’s just not possible. If I may, I’d like to call your bluff. In an interview earlier this week, I was asked […]

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12 Ways Digital Marketing Will Grow Your Law Firm


Embracing digital marketing as a major component of your legal marketing plan is essential for today’s attorney.   A healthy mix of  internet based marketing – websites, email marketing, social media marketing, plus mobile marketing and traditional marketing will all contribute to connecting with consumers, providing value and building relationships.. The infographic below illustrates 12 […]

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3 Super Easy Ways Attorneys Can Engage on Social Media

Super Easy Ways Attorneys Can Engage On Social Media

You know that social media is a super important piece in marketing your law firm, but some days there’s just not enough time, energy or even creativity to quickly post interesting and engaging content. While I’d like to think that you’ve checked out some of my articles on how to leverage your blog content via […]

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Tested Methods & Systems of Top Attorneys

Attorneys Become Rainmakers at the Rainmaker Retreat

What strategies are highly successful attorneys using right now to attract hundreds of paying clients? How can you drastically reduce the cost of your marketing and still get clients  – even more than you thought possible? Attend a Rainmaker Retreat and you will learn the answers, strategies and systems of these two questions, plus a […]

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Law Firm Business Development Tips for Attorneys

Busy Attorney Needs to Delegate

I’m a big fan of delegating.  But not just delegating any old task, delegating tasks that support business development. Over the years I’ve helped attorneys and business owners identify specific tasks they can delegate that will support the growth of their business (yes, your law firm is a business). Typically, when you (or most attorneys) […]

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How to Prepare Your Law Firm for the Next Big Change in Local Search Engine Traffic

Law Firm Local Search

It’s no secret that search engine success for lawyers requires a focus on local optimization: online reviews, citations, accurate business profiles are among the most important factors. This isn’t likely to change in the future, but the way this data is presented – and the way you attract local search traffic – just might. In […]

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Three Tips for Unobtrusively Marketing Your Law Practice at Events

Engaging with others at events

There tends to be no shortage of events for a lawyer to attend. From association meetings to fundraisers for a local charity, an attorney can keep his or her calendar pretty full. While each event attended offers an opportunity to market yourself, it should never seem like that is the purpose of your involvement. Instead, […]

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