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12 Ways Digital Marketing Will Grow Your Law Firm


Embracing digital marketing as a major component of your legal marketing plan is essential for today’s attorney.   A healthy mix of  internet based marketing – websites, email marketing, social media marketing, plus mobile marketing and traditional marketing will all contribute to connecting with consumers, providing value and building relationships.. The infographic below illustrates 12 […]

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How Voice Search Will Impact Law Firm Marketing

Content Writing Tip for Lawyers - Write Like You're Having a Conversation

Google is always evolving.  When it comes to marketing online, attorneys need to be somewhat aware of newly introduced featured and how they affect their marketing strategies (and results). A few months ago when the Google Hummingbird update hit the internet stage, a less talked about  feature – voice search – also landed.  Voice search […]

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Target Older Consumers? Don’t Ignore the Internet – They’re Online

Number of Older Americans Using the Internet is Increasing

Many attorneys will assume that because they are targeting older adults, they don’t need to worry about marketing online. However, according data released from the Pew Research Center, older Americans, ages 65 and older, are increasingly jumping online (yes, daily!) and using the internet to find information. And … the numbers are growing. In April […]

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Helping Attorneys Connect With More Consumers

INeedAGoodLawyerNow.com - Increased Online Visibility For Attorneys

LawMarketing.com is very excited to launch a brand new website to help attorneys connect with consumers and to generate more traffic to their own website; with little to no effort. If you’re looking to get better bang for your blog content, gain more visibility online and bring more people to your website, keep reading. It’s […]

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Attorneys Get More Twitter Followers With These 60 Simple Tips


More law firms and attorneys are recognizing the importance of consistent and engaging Twitter activity.    But how do you connect with more people?  How do you get more followers? The article ’60 Simple Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers’, posted by Business2Community.com offers very simple, yet effective tips that will help you increase your Twitter […]

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Six Proven Strategies to Increase Your Case Load Discussed at Recent M&L Meeting

For over a decade, M&L Legal Marketing and Management conferences have provided a close-knit environment for attorneys to share privileged information and strategies concerning the administration and marketing of their firms. Over the past several years, my colleagues at Consultwebs.com and I have enjoyed providing valuable resources to attorneys at these events. These resources have […]

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LinkedIn Takes Top Place in Social Media for Lawyers


Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all popular social media platforms in the legal community.  But, with more than 225 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is by far the most popular business social network. Wishpond, a business social media marketing firm compiled recent data and designed the infgraphic below – showing who is using LinkedIn, how it […]

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Set Your Law Firm Apart with Internet Video Advertising

youtube logo

In 2006, an amateur video was uploaded onto a new website called YouTube. The video featured a man performing a silly dance routine to a string of chronologically ordered popular songs. Astonishingly, “The Evolution of Dance” garnered over 70 million views in eight months – a feat unheard of in 2006. It was so successful […]

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Social Media Marketing for Attorneys with LinkedIn Company Pages


LinkedIn is known to be the best social media platform for attorneys to network in. However, few attorneys fully understand how to implement and use LinkedIn Company Pages as part of their social networking strategy. I asked Chris Dreyer, founder of AttorneyRankings.org, a unique, full-service attorney marketing agency that supplies law firms with personalized marketing […]

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Attorneys Use Infographics In Law Marketing

Doan Law Firm - When Bankruptcy Makes Sense infographic

Last month I posted information about the latest modern marketing trend – infographics – and how they are winning over the success of conventional banner ads with a 300% higher visibility rate. Since then I’ve heard several attorneys say “I’m not sure how to use infographics in my practice.”   I thought the best way to […]

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