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Capture New Law Firm Clients With This Strategy

Attract Law Firm Clients With Infographics

We’ve seen an increase of infographics online.  Some are great, others seem just too complicated. However infographics have proven to be very beneficial and eye pleasing way for consumers to gain an understanding of potentially complicated information. PLUS infographics are easily shared and compelling images can carry more weight than written content Here are a […]

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One Lawyer Does Not Fit All – Neither Does One Marketing Plan


In our complicated, multi-tasking world, there is an increasing desire to have “one thing” to satisfy multiple needs. The smart phone, for example, enables its user to text, call, email, take photos, download and listen to music, access GPS and more. But in the world of professional services, this trend tends to roll in the […]

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10 Public Speaking Tips for Attorneys


Speaking is a great way to connect with new prospects and gain more credibility in your area of specialty. Whether it be a quick 20 minute presentation or a featured opportunity at a large conference, there are several ways for you to better engage with your audience, hold their attention and ultimately benefit from the […]

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The Biggest Reason Attorneys Are Not Converting More Law Firm Clients


What’s the biggest reason you’re not turning more prospects into law firm clients? Your lack of follow up. I’m sure this is no surprise – every lawyer knows the importance of follow-up.  In fact, your law firm marketing plan may even include a strong, detailed follow-up plan.  But the truth is most attorneys avoid follow […]

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Learn To Say NO So Your Legal Practice Can Grow


During our first consultation, Eric shared a list of all of the activities he currently used to grow his legal practice. In the last three months, he had: Attended weekly networking meetings Scheduled two or three business lunches each week Written a monthly column for his local newspaper Published seven guest blogs posts Agreed to […]

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Is Mobile in Your Briefcase?

businesswoman working on a mobile device

I know you’ve heard it all before, there really is no question that having a website to market your legal services to prospective clients is completely necessary. But, did you know that just having a website is not enough anymore – your website must be optimized for mobile. In purely data driven terms, 4.8 billion […]

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How Mobile Is Changing Law Firm Marketing

How mobile affects law firm marketing

The world of mobile is taking over! If you’ve been somewhat paying attention to the impact of mobile technology, it may be time to seriously consider how it will affect the effectiveness of your law firm marketing strategies in the future. Are you ready for these changes? Here are some startling facts and an infographic, […]

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Content Marketing Tactics That Work for Attorneys


The Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs just released their second annual study on B2B content marketing trends and found the following tactics most prevalent among B2B marketers: The top five tactics – articles, social media, blogs, e-newsletters and case studies – should be in every law firm marketing toolkit and a major focus of your […]

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How to Turn Your Legal Knowledge Into a Powerful Law Firm Marketing Tool


Education-based marketing is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of lawyers. There is a great amount of basic information you know about your practice area that prospects want and need to know. Think about some of the questions your clients have about child custody and divorce or how to avoid getting sued […]

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Generating Referrals Successfully

Andy Lopata, Lawmarketing Portal

Tied by various rules and guidelines, legal services have traditionally been difficult to market effectively. According to marketer Andy Lopata, the importance of recommendations and referrals will increase, and he describes three steps to “referral heaven.”

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