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John Fisher on Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referral Based Marketing

John Fisher on Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referral Based Marketing

By John Fisher, a medical malpractice plaintiff’s attorney in Kingston, NY, see www.ultimateinjurylaw.com and www.protectingpatientrights.com. You want the big cases through glamorous, self-promoting ads that make you look like a superstar. You justify the huge outlay of cash with the occasional big case that strikes gold. And you think life is good, you’re making some […]

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Law Firm Sales vs Law Firm Marketing – What’s the Difference?

Law Firm Sales

Do you know the true difference between law firm sales and law firm marketing? They’re both critical to the success of your practice and without one, the other is simply too hard. In this video, Terrie Wheeler of PSM-Marketing.com clearly defines the difference between these two and also clarifies why you can’t run your law […]

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20 Reasons To Attend A Rainmaker Retreat

Rainmaker Retreat

If you haven’t yet attended a Rainmaker Retreat, I can’t help but ask – Why Not? The Rainmaker Retreat is a 2-day bootcamp event, specifically for small to medium sized law firms. What’s different about the Rainmaker Retreat? It’s content rich and loaded with practical info and step-by-step marketing strategies you can implement immediately. If […]

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Why Your Legal Competitors Blog … Why Aren’t You?

Why Do Lawyers Blog?

Why do lawyers blog?  Why do other lawyers choose not to blog? A post at LegalProductivity.com caught my eye.  Quite honestly I was fascinated by the responses that twenty-three attorneys shared about why they blog. I was impressed to read how many attorneys write simply because (1) they love to write and (2) writing helps […]

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Your Law Firm Marketing Emails Are Being Rejected … Here’s Why

Law Firm Email Marketing

There’s nothing worse than spending all kinds of time in crafting and sending emails to your past clients, current clients and prospects … and having very few people even open the email. Email marketing is still one of the best ways to connect and build relationships with your community.  It’s a very cost effective way […]

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The Lawyer’s Online Trifecta – Do You Have It? – Part 1

Law Firm Online Marketing

If you don’t, you should be investing in a favorable odds strategy that positions your law firm to win at the online business game. Here’s a “Hot Tip” on doing it right. Internet commerce is growing at a rate relative to and congruent with technological innovation and consumers now resort to the internet for practically […]

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How to Market Your Law Firm To Men & Women


Research shared by Exact Target, Pew Research Center and Nielsen has confirmed that yes – men and women differ in how they use social media and their mobile devices. At first glance, this may be interesting information, but is it important to note when marketing your law firm?  My answer – yes! Depending on your […]

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3 Tips to Help Lawyers Who Are Too Busy To Blog

Lawyers are Too Busy to Blog

Are you just way too busy to write new blog content for your law firm?  You have absolutely no time to write an article, record a video, create a quick top 10 list –it’s just not possible. If I may, I’d like to call your bluff. In an interview earlier this week, I was asked […]

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Your Law Firm’s Success or Failure Depends On These 12 Numbers

Track & Measure Specific Numbers - Know How Your Law Firm is Performing ...

Top law firms track and measure specific numbers and key indicators that give them instant insight into how their law firm is performing on a weekly and monthly basis. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the numbers that make your law firm run. By analyzing these critical metrics, Partners and Owners of law firms can determine […]

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Tested Methods & Systems of Top Attorneys

Attorneys Become Rainmakers at the Rainmaker Retreat

What strategies are highly successful attorneys using right now to attract hundreds of paying clients? How can you drastically reduce the cost of your marketing and still get clients  – even more than you thought possible? Attend a Rainmaker Retreat and you will learn the answers, strategies and systems of these two questions, plus a […]

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