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Law Firm Sales vs Law Firm Marketing – What’s the Difference?

Law Firm Sales

Do you know the true difference between law firm sales and law firm marketing? They’re both critical to the success of your practice and without one, the other is simply too hard. In this video, Terrie Wheeler of PSM-Marketing.com clearly defines the difference between these two and also clarifies why you can’t run your law […]

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Stop Your Competition From Getting the Client With More Touches


You’ve likely heard the rule of 7 touches “I takes 7 touches before you can turn a prospect into a client.” Now it could take more or less than 7 touches to convert a potential client, however what we know to be true is that the typical attorney and law firm will give up long […]

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Strong Relationships Drive Law Firm Sales


Last week I posted an infographic that demonstrated the importance of customer service in your law firm and how it relates to clients coming back and referring business. There is no doubt that clients are your law firms greatest asset and it costs much less to retain a client than it does to retain a […]

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