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Strong Trends Energize Law Firm Market Research – Part 2

Researching Market Trends

This is part 2 of the article Strong Trends Energize Law Firm Market Research. To read part 1, click here. The best brands today are interactive In the past century, branding was a one-way process – delivered from the provider of the product or the service to the consumer of the product or service. The […]

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Strong Trends Energize Law Firm Market Research – Part 1

Researching Market Trends

Most lawyers believe that they know what their clients want. Shockingly often, these lawyers are mistaken. As a result, they make poor business and business development decisions. Should we open a new office in a new region? Should we add a new practice area? Should we expand (or eliminate) an existing practice? Should we target […]

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Set Your Law Firm Apart with Internet Video Advertising

youtube logo

In 2006, an amateur video was uploaded onto a new website called YouTube. The video featured a man performing a silly dance routine to a string of chronologically ordered popular songs. Astonishingly, “The Evolution of Dance” garnered over 70 million views in eight months – a feat unheard of in 2006. It was so successful […]

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Social Media Marketing for Attorneys with LinkedIn Company Pages


LinkedIn is known to be the best social media platform for attorneys to network in. However, few attorneys fully understand how to implement and use LinkedIn Company Pages as part of their social networking strategy. I asked Chris Dreyer, founder of AttorneyRankings.org, a unique, full-service attorney marketing agency that supplies law firms with personalized marketing […]

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Is Mobile in Your Briefcase?

businesswoman working on a mobile device

I know you’ve heard it all before, there really is no question that having a website to market your legal services to prospective clients is completely necessary. But, did you know that just having a website is not enough anymore – your website must be optimized for mobile. In purely data driven terms, 4.8 billion […]

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How Mobile Is Changing Law Firm Marketing

How mobile affects law firm marketing

The world of mobile is taking over! If you’ve been somewhat paying attention to the impact of mobile technology, it may be time to seriously consider how it will affect the effectiveness of your law firm marketing strategies in the future. Are you ready for these changes? Here are some startling facts and an infographic, […]

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Content Marketing Tactics That Work for Attorneys


The Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs just released their second annual study on B2B content marketing trends and found the following tactics most prevalent among B2B marketers: The top five tactics – articles, social media, blogs, e-newsletters and case studies – should be in every law firm marketing toolkit and a major focus of your […]

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How to Turn Your Legal Knowledge Into a Powerful Law Firm Marketing Tool


Education-based marketing is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of lawyers. There is a great amount of basic information you know about your practice area that prospects want and need to know. Think about some of the questions your clients have about child custody and divorce or how to avoid getting sued […]

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Top 10 Lead-Killing Mistakes Law Firms Make on their Websites

Jeff Lantz, law firm marketing

If your firm website is not on the first page of Google search results, it could simply be a lack of simple search engine optimization techniques, according to search engine expert Jeff Lantz. He outlines ten common mistakes.

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