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Capture New Law Firm Clients With This Strategy

Attract Law Firm Clients With Infographics

We’ve seen an increase of infographics online.  Some are great, others seem just too complicated. However infographics have proven to be very beneficial and eye pleasing way for consumers to gain an understanding of potentially complicated information. PLUS infographics are easily shared and compelling images can carry more weight than written content Here are a […]

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Writing for Legal Business Development: How to Beat Writer’s Block

How to Avoid Writer's Block

Making yourself a credible choice for a potential client means that you must find ways to demonstrate that you’re active and knowledgeable in your field of practice. Today, that’s easier than ever, thanks to the explosion of online publishing. You can start or contribute to a blog, you can submit articles to journals and newsletters […]

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Market Your Law Practice With Video And On YouTube

Market Your Law Firm With Videos & and YouTube

YouTube is the number two search engine on the internet.  If you’re not using video to market your law practice you’re making a BIG mistake. Watch this video with Ken Hardison, President of the Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing & Management Association (PILMMA) and note the simple strategy you can use to add video to your […]

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Has Your Law Firm Gone Mobile?


Huffington Post published the infographic last week, emphasizing the importance of being found on mobile devices. Today’s consumer is dependent on smart phones and so it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that smartphones will outsell PCs in 2014, and that the amount of mobile traffic will outpace that of the PC by the start of […]

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How To Build a Successful Google+ Law Firm Community


When first introduced, Google Plus didn’t have the fan-fare that would suggest it would have been around as long as it has. With flops like Google Buzz and Google’s unabashed tendency to fall on it’s face with new startups, it was no surprise people once felt this way about the new social platform. Today though, […]

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Is Your Law Firm’s Website Optimized for the Social-Media Age?


As social media has evolved, many law firms have learned to integrate their social media and websites. But too many websites still haven’t quite taken that step. If your social media presence is completely separate from your website, you may be missing an opportunity to build your audience in both places and attract new clients. […]

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Survey Reveals How Attorneys Market Their Law Firm


Recently, the nation’s law firms were surveyed about their marketing strategies.What that survey revealed was about as surprising as it was encouraging. The long and the short of it was that attorneys just aren’t purchasing advertising as much as companies of similar size and scope. While the groundwork has really been laid for online prospect […]

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3 Ways Your Pro Bono Work Helps Your Law Marketing Efforts

3 Ways Your Pro Bono Work Helps Your Law Marketing Efforts

Savvy attorneys don’t view pro bono cases simply as “charity work.” Many now recognize the law marketing value of showing support for worthy nonprofit organizations and causes. Market your pro bono work to better establish your presence and commitment within the community. Below are three distinct benefits to performing pro bono work and sharing that […]

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10 Public Speaking Tips for Attorneys


Speaking is a great way to connect with new prospects and gain more credibility in your area of specialty. Whether it be a quick 20 minute presentation or a featured opportunity at a large conference, there are several ways for you to better engage with your audience, hold their attention and ultimately benefit from the […]

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Google+ Is No Longer An Option for Attorneys and Law Firm Marketing Plans


Attention all attorneys.    Are you active in Google+?  Is your Google+ profile even set up? If you answered no to either of these questions, this post is a must read/watch for you. According to Tanner Jones, Marketing Director at www.ConsultWebs.com, implementing Google+ into attorney law firm marketing plans is more important than ever before.    Tanner […]

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