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Great Attorney Marketing Requires A Profitable Niche

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Identifying and selecting a profitable niche is a challenging exercise for many attorneys, but one that will make significant difference in the growth and ongoing success of a law firm. In this video, Nancy Fox, founder of The Business Fox and author of the new book Networking Like a Fox , shares the benefits attorneys […]

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Attorney Marketing Involves Irresistible Calls-to-Action

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What’s it take to encourage people to purchase a product or service from your website, newsletter, blog or social media? An irresistible call-to-action. According to The Rainmaker Blog at www.RainmakerBlog.com, even when you’re selling a service, you should include calls-to-action with all your law marketing efforts.  What’s an example of a great to action that […]

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Attorneys Are Falling Victim To These Common SEO Mistakes

I remember a long time ago attorneys were somewhat perplexed by SEO. It seemed incredibly complicated and very technical – beyond what most of us could comprehend. Because of this, we leaned on the expertise SEO specialists and website developers to take care of the pieces that would support the increase in our website rankings. […]

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