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John Fisher on Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referral Based Marketing

John Fisher on Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referral Based Marketing

By John Fisher, a medical malpractice plaintiff’s attorney in Kingston, NY, see www.ultimateinjurylaw.com and www.protectingpatientrights.com. You want the big cases through glamorous, self-promoting ads that make you look like a superstar. You justify the huge outlay of cash with the occasional big case that strikes gold. And you think life is good, you’re making some […]

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Law Firm Sales vs Law Firm Marketing – What’s the Difference?

Law Firm Sales

Do you know the true difference between law firm sales and law firm marketing? They’re both critical to the success of your practice and without one, the other is simply too hard. In this video, Terrie Wheeler of PSM-Marketing.com clearly defines the difference between these two and also clarifies why you can’t run your law […]

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Why Your Legal Competitors Blog … Why Aren’t You?

Why Do Lawyers Blog?

Why do lawyers blog?  Why do other lawyers choose not to blog? A post at LegalProductivity.com caught my eye.  Quite honestly I was fascinated by the responses that twenty-three attorneys shared about why they blog. I was impressed to read how many attorneys write simply because (1) they love to write and (2) writing helps […]

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The Lawyer’s Online Trifecta – Do You Have It?

Law Firm Online Marketing

For part one of this article, please click here…   MARKETING & ADVERTISING – You can’t just build a website and consider your work done. Like most consumer business, you should market and advertise. Your goal with marketing and advertising is about one thing – DRIVING TRAFFIC to your website. Traditional methods of advertising (TV, […]

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3 Tips to Marketing Your Law Firm Like a News Publisher

Think Like a News Publisher When Marketing Your Law Firm

How can you market your law firm like a news publisher? In this video below, Tanner Jones, Marketing Director at ConsultWebs.com shares 3 very specific tips to help you get more out of your content. These tips are not only easy to implement into your attorney marketing, they are ones that will help build your […]

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5 Tips to Get Your Law Firm In The News

Breaking News - Tips to Get Your Law Firm In The News

I don’t know many attorneys who wouldn’t welcome a few minutes in the media spotlight – to be called on to share an opinion about a current story, provide details on a new law, reveal tips on how to deal with a specific legal issue – anything.  Having those few minutes on air can greatly […]

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Women Attorneys Face Great Risks Today


There are great risk facing attorneys today. In this video, Kimberly Rice of KLAMarketing.net shares what attorneys, primarily women attorneys, can do to avoid these risks. Kimberly Rice specializes in advising law firms and lawyers how to develop practical business development and marketing strategies which lead directly to new clients and increased revenues. Can you […]

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One Lawyer Does Not Fit All – Neither Does One Marketing Plan


In our complicated, multi-tasking world, there is an increasing desire to have “one thing” to satisfy multiple needs. The smart phone, for example, enables its user to text, call, email, take photos, download and listen to music, access GPS and more. But in the world of professional services, this trend tends to roll in the […]

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Has Your Law Firm Gone Mobile?


Huffington Post published the infographic last week, emphasizing the importance of being found on mobile devices. Today’s consumer is dependent on smart phones and so it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that smartphones will outsell PCs in 2014, and that the amount of mobile traffic will outpace that of the PC by the start of […]

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Lawyer Marketing: Should You Create Attorney Video If Your Clients Aren't Looking For You Online?


Is video marketing a part of your law firm marketing plan? I am sharing the video and details below from Gerry Oginski‘s LawyersVideoStudio.com YouTube channel to answer a common lawyer question “Should you create attorney videos if you’re clients are not looking for you online?” Attorneys who ask this questions typically don’t truly understand who […]

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