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10 Tips to Optimize Your Law Firm Blog URLs

How to Optimize Your Law Firm Website URL

Ever wonder if you should use hyphens ( – ) or underscores ( _ ) or simply no spaces in your website URLs? When you create a law firm blog post, should you use capital letters … or not? The infographic below, created by MySiteAuditor.com, shares several tips to consider the next time you, or […]

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Is Your Law Firm’s Website Optimized for the Social-Media Age?


As social media has evolved, many law firms have learned to integrate their social media and websites. But too many websites still haven’t quite taken that step. If your social media presence is completely separate from your website, you may be missing an opportunity to build your audience in both places and attract new clients. […]

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Law Firm SEO Update: Penguin 2.0 and Lawyer Website Rankings


The year 2013 got off to an interesting start for anyone who watches Google closely. Last year, Google rolled out an update to their algorithm called Penguin that devalued websites that demonstrated patterns of low-quality, manipulative links. This update, along with the widespread manual site-ranking actions taken by Google, sent everyone in the search optimization […]

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Local SEO for Lawyers

The internet has almost completely replaced yellow books as the place people go to look up business information. Many Google searches for lawyers return search results that contain local results. In fact, for mobile device users, as many as 50%+ of Mobile queries have Local intent. So, for lawyers who depend on local searchers for […]

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