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Law Firm Sales vs Law Firm Marketing – What’s the Difference?

Law Firm Sales

Do you know the true difference between law firm sales and law firm marketing? They’re both critical to the success of your practice and without one, the other is simply too hard. In this video, Terrie Wheeler of PSM-Marketing.com clearly defines the difference between these two and also clarifies why you can’t run your law […]

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Great Legal Infographics – Day 2


We’re taking some time to reflect and refresh at LawMarketing.com and we hope you are too! Below is one of our favorite ingraphics we featured this year.  Take note of the details — how can this impact your legal marketing efforts in 2015?  How many leads will hire your competitors instead of you?  

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Attorneys No Longer Fear Asking For Business


In many cases, attorneys fear asking for business. They meet prospects, enjoy the conversation, but in the end, fail to learn key details that will help them identify if they can help this person in some way – either via their own law firm, or perhaps referring them to colleague in another area. Kimberly Rice […]

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