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Using Google’s Disavow Links Tool on Your Law Firm Website

Broken links

Since links have always been (and remain) a big part of ranking well in search, a lot of folks were happy to see that Google came up with an alternative to having bad links removed from a domain. The “disavow links” tool was a highly anticipated solution, but many attorneys may misinterpret how the tool […]

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Attorneys Learn the Difference Between Local SEO & Traditional SEO

SEO for Lawyers

The term SEO is typically met with confusion. But today’s SEO is changing – which allows attorneys to take on small tasks that can help create big results. In this video Chris Dreyer of AttorneyRankings.org shares several strategies to help attorneys increase their local SEO. He also describes the difference between local and traditional SEO […]

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Law Firm Websites Affected (and Possibly Penalized) By Recent Penguin 5.0 Update

In a recent interview, Chris Dreyer of AttorneyRankings.org shared key details to help attorneys determine if the October 4 Penguin 5.0 algorithm update affected their law firm website.  AttorneysRankings.org specializes in attorney internet marketing. This algorithm specifically targeted keyword stuffing and frequent use of anchor text. Many lawyers work hard to generate traffic to their […]

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Hummingbird – Google's New Algorithm


You’ve likely heard of Panda and then Penguin … let me introduce you to Google’s new search algorithm, named Hummindbird, from being ‘precise and fast’. This was announced just yesterday, yet Google started using it approximately one month ago. What does this mean for attorneys in relation to how consumers find law firm websites?  We […]

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Localized Attorney SEO Strategies Find Clients


Law Firm Marketing plans often include an SEO component but when it comes to leveraging SEO within the local geographic location, attorneys need to consider including localized SEO strategies. In a recent interview, Chris Dryer, the Founder of AttoreyRankings.org, describes the difference between Localized SEO and Traditional SEO and notes that lawyers who want to […]

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A Stage One Plan for Local Search Marketing for Lawyers


Since this is my first article here, I thought it would be useful to present a simple (what I am calling “Stage One”) plan for implementing a local search marketing plan. The reason it is necessary for law firms to focus on local search is that, for the most part, they are geographically-limited businesses, licensed […]

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Attorneys Are Falling Victim To These Common SEO Mistakes

I remember a long time ago attorneys were somewhat perplexed by SEO. It seemed incredibly complicated and very technical – beyond what most of us could comprehend. Because of this, we leaned on the expertise SEO specialists and website developers to take care of the pieces that would support the increase in our website rankings. […]

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