Testimonial Link Building for Lawyers

Testimonial Link Building for LawyersWhile people do not always write reviews for attorneys, attorneys can use them to their advantage as a link building tactic. Testimonial link building involves getting testimonials from others and having them link back to your website. We say “others” because these could come from clients, colleagues, businesses or other individuals that a lawyer has had a business relationship with. Testimonials could even come from people or organizations that did not use a lawyer’s legal services but had some other sort of professional relationship (i.e. donations to charities, sponsorship of events, etc.).

Client Testimonials

Links from client testimonials can be a little harder to get (because clients do not always have websites) but if they do, seize the opportunity. This technique is typically only successful with certain practice areas because clients may not want to broadcast their involvement with certain types of litigation. For example someone who had representation from a criminal lawyer or divorce attorney may not want to promote that fact.

For attorneys representing clients that may not have a personal blog or website, it does not hurt to ask. You may not get a lot of links this way but it can add to your overall link building efforts. This technique works especially well for attorneys who represent businesses or professionals with a web presence of their own.

Colleague Testimonials

Attorneys often collaborate with other attorneys or businesses on cases. If testimonials are involved, why not get a link in the process. Lawyers often have a page on their site where they list all the different collaborative relationships they have with other firms.

Giving Testimonials

If you use services of other businesses, give them a review and ask for link back to your website. Try to look for contextually relevant businesses that you have relationships with but virtually any high PR and high domain authority website will do. This is a win-win as it promotes trust for the business’s customers and you get a backlink out of the deal. Here is how we did it.

Non-Service Related Testimonials

If you are active in your community with charitable events or other activity, you may also be getting honorable mentions on those organization’s websites. If so, take the opportunity to also ask for a link back to your own website. Most of the time this will be a quote and then hyperlink with your name to your website but you can always ask for specific anchor text.

Testimonial link building should be a part of your overall link building strategy. Odds are, depending on the type of law you practice, there may not be a ton of opportunities here. If you do a lot of collaboration with other firms your chances will be greater. Even though the opportunities may be fewer, these types of links can be more powerful because you will have greater control over how and where they are placed.

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