Three Tips for Unobtrusively Marketing Your Law Practice at Events

There tends to be no shortage of events for a lawyer to attend. From association meetings to fundraisers for a local charity, an attorney can keep his or her calendar pretty full. While each event attended offers an opportunity to market yourself, it should never seem like that is the purpose of your involvement. Instead, find ways to be helpful and knowledgeable that don’t come across as just plain aggressive.

Familiarize Yourself with the Attendees

For example, if you are planning to attend a fundraising event for a cause you support, you can do yourself a little favor by asking for the guest list in advance. This allows you to have some time to research who will be there and what kinds of needs they might have. If and when you find yourself in a conversation with this person, your knowledge of their business can come across quite naturally. If they ask, be ready to hand over your business card and to possibly get theirs in return. As an aside, you do not want to be the lawyer walking around handing out your card to anyone and everyone. This looks desperate and does Engaging with others at eventslittle to make your target potential clients or referral sources feel special.

Go to Give, Not to Get

When you are attending events, your primary purpose for being there should be to support the cause, whether it’s an awards dinner, a fundraiser, or an art exhibit. Rather than looking opportunistic, fully participating in the event casts you in a great light. Consider donating to the silent auction and bidding on items. Congratulate the award recipient and let them know why you feel they really deserved it. Buy a piece of the artist’s work.

Each of these things creates a real connection between you and others at the event, which allows for organic growth of an eventual business relationship.

Ask Questions and Listen to the Answers

People love to talk about themselves, which is great for you. By asking engaging questions and really paying attention to the answers, you can positively impact your law practice in a couple of ways. First of all, you are making that all-important connection. When you focus on the other person, rather than yourself, you put them at ease and give them reasons to like you. Secondly, if you take some time after the event to take some notes about your discussion, you will have these to refer to if you run into that person again, either accidentally or as a part of your follow-up process.

As a business owner, just about everything you do can be traced back to marketing. This is true of all those great events you attend. However—you don’t want to come across as pushy or desperate, so it’s helpful to utilize these kinds of ideas to build more authentic relationships rather than putting off potential clients and referral sources.


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