Top 10 Legal Marketing Tips of 2014

Top 10 Law Marketing posted hundreds of great legal marketing blog posts in 2014.  Here are 10 of your favorites!


Why Your Referral Partners Won’t Refer You

Having another attorney, business owner or colleague recommend you is a great compliment as well as one of the best ways to build your law firm. However, not all law firm referral partner relationships are successful. If you’re wondering why some of your connections are simply not referring new business your way, there may be some very specific reasons why.

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3 Tips to Finding Speaking Engagements for Attorneys

finding speaking opportunities is not always easy. Many attorneys I’ve spoken with have expressed a desire to land the chance to speak at any kind of event – small local events to large stages, but they don’t know where to start.

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7 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs a Newsletter

Does your law firm send a regular newsletter? Do you keep engaged with your past clients, current clients and prospects — providing valuable information and reminding them of how you can help them?

If not, you’re making a BIG mistake. Here are 7 reasons why you need to send a law firm newsletter.

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Law Firms Are Losing Clients With This Top Mistake

95% of firms who have been contacted by a secret shopper, are doing a poor job at compelling the caller to do business with that firm or attorney.

This means that no matter how much time, money and effort you are committing to marketing your law firm, it’s simply being wasted.

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YELP Is the Most Trusted For Attorneys Reviews

Attorneys take note – YELP is the most trusted website today for attorney reviews. This according to recent research by Software Advice.

For years, attorneys have spent thousands of dollars listing with Martindale Hubble, however when it comes to checking out attorney reviews, YELP is where consumers are going.

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10 Simple Ways to Market Your Law Firm

The recent article ‘Why 25% of Lawyers Are Hopeless at Marketing‘ shared that the the main Meyers-Briggs personality type of lawyers is INTJ. Because of this personality type and the traits that come with it, marketing is not a natural skill for many attorneys.

To assist attorneys with identifying marketing strategies that they are most interested in (and that most support them in connecting with their target market), I thought I would note a variety of marketing strategies you can use and apply to your practice. My hope is that you will block time in your calendar in your week, no matter how busy you are, to work on your marketing.

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Don’t Do This First In Your Work Day – You’ll Lose 30%

What’s the first thing you do to start your work day?

If you check your email in the first hour of the day, you lose 30% productivity over the course of the week.

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Where To Find Images For Your Law Firm Blog

Where do you find images to post on your law firm blog?

You know that visual content is important these days, but it can be a challenge to find an image the connects to your article or blog post. You’ve likely heard that you should not ‘borrow’ images off the internet without approval and so you’re unsure – do you have to purchase an image every time you want to post it on your blog?

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The Art of the Follow-Up – A System for Attorneys

Every business development plan must include meeting new contacts. You need to meet the right people to send you business (directly or via referral), but meeting them isn’t enough: you must follow up with them over time and build relationships.

No surprise, right? The question is how to follow up over time. Here’s your step-by-step follow-up system, starting immediately after you meet someone new.

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Why There’s No Oxygen (or Law Firm Clients) At the Top of Google’s Search Mountain

Once you’re there – at the top of Google – dozens of potential clients will begin calling and retaining you, and your money troubles will be over… or will they?

Here’s what led me to awaken from this dream, 2 ½ years ago:

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