Talking Head? Corporate? Which Video Styles Do You Need On Your Law Firm Website?

Kinds of Videos You Should Have On Your Law Firm WebsiteAre you considering adding video to your law firm’s website? If so, one question you might have is, “What style of video do I need”? There are many video production packages available to attorneys and professionals in general. Are you looking to produce a talking head, corporate video, general marketing video, or stock image video? Depending on where and how you plan to use video on your law firm’s website, some video production options will be better options than others. Let’s take a look at a couple of the different circumstances.


The homepage of a website is one of, if not, the most important page on any law firm’s website. In my opinion, your video production options are limited here. Ideally, you should highly consider investing in a corporate style video as an attorney. Corporate style videos will usually feature one or multiple attorneys, the staff and highlight the best parts of your office. Remember, this is very likely the first thing consumers will see and attribute to you and your law firm. Taking short cuts on the homepage of your website is not a good idea.

With that being said, corporate videos are typically more expensive than the aforementioned options. For those of you unwilling or unable to invest in corporate video production, I recommend looking into what are referred to as “Talking Head” videos. These videos are often priced more reasonably and feature an attorney from the chest up, speaking on a topic of their choice. Although these are more simply produced, they are sufficient for both marketing and website homepages.

Unfortunately, I don’t personally recommend investing in other video production options that are of lesser quality than these two options. As previously mentioned, the homepage of your website provides a priceless first impression in a world where conversion rates are significantly valuable. By placing a low quality video on the homepage of your law firm’s website, you could in fact be turning potential clients away and thus, decreasing your website’s conversion rate.

Blogs & Other Pages

These pages are usually deeper in your website’s site architecture and, therefore, don’t require as much production value. Whereas I recommended corporate video on your homepage, I recommend using talking head videos on these pages. For those looking to outsource this responsibility, there are numerous video production services available that offer high volume packages.

An alternative to this is producing these videos in your own law office, using adequate camera equipment and editing software. There is certainly a learning curve and investment required for doing video production in-house, however, the benefit is the volume of videos you and your law firm are able to create.

Regardless of the route you decide to take, it’s important to remember that the key here is consistency. A consumer should be presented with a consistent image of your law firm as they navigate and watch videos on your website.

Approach and Delivery

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of video production for anyone who undertakes this responsibility is approach and delivery. There is no question that producing video can make even people who speak for a living a little nervous. But don’t worry, after a few takes, you’ll forget all about the lights, camera and action, allowing you to really settle in. Once this happens, my only recommendation here is to simply be yourself. I believe video is most compelling and beneficial for your law firm when it is accurate, helpful and personable. Don’t hire an actor or actress. You’ve most likely spent years, if not, decades building your reputation, so who better to market yourself and your law firm than you?

At the end of the day, there are endless options available for video production and it’s your responsibility as an attorney to decide what image you’d like to present to your potential clients. Video can help you or hurt you, so consider it an investment and be yourself. If you have any questions regarding video production, or video marketing, please feel free to email me or leave a comment below.



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