How Voice Search Will Impact Law Firm Marketing

Content Writing Tip for Lawyers - Write Like You're Having a ConversationGoogle is always evolving.  When it comes to marketing online, attorneys need to be somewhat aware of newly introduced featured and how they affect their marketing strategies (and results).

A few months ago when the Google Hummingbird update hit the internet stage, a less talked about  feature – voice search - also landed.  Voice search has been available via mobile device, however it wasn’t available to the PC user.  With this update, the voice search feature is available and allows an individual to speak directly to their mobile device and their personal computer and search for their topics of interest.

And it gets better.  With voice search, Google will grasp a better understanding of the intent of an individual’s search based on their:

  • search history
  • likes and dislikes on social networks
  • online places where they have registered for items

Google will then deliver personalized results based on the individual’s history.

How will voice search impact law firm marketing?  Tanner Jones, Marketing Director of shares that while voice search will not dramatically impact legal marketing, attorneys should continue to focus on creating valuable content that helps their prospective clients and not focus on creating content that is loaded with keywords (yes, it’s tough to break those old habits!)

Click play below to hear additional details Tanner shared in our interview.


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Tanner Jones

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Tanner Jones serves as the marketing director for,. Consultwebs fosters professional, long-term relationships built on trust, integrity, quality and results. Often the first contact our clients have with our firm, Tanner helps law firms develop their online marketing strategies, including search engine optimization, responsive website design, and pay-per-click advertising. Tanner has spoken and presented at multiple legal marketing seminars throughout the country.

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