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Thanks to Brett Yeager, TAG ONLINE, Web Services for Legal & Professional Firms, byeager@tagonline.com, 973-783-5583 work, 917-701-0123 cell,www.tagonline.com, for supplying this description.

Below is a PARTIAL Webmaster job description: It is partial because before you can specify a webmaster’s responsibilities and requirements — you need to identify the hardware and software environment the website will be running on; and also you must identify whether the website will be running INTERNALLY (at the firm itself) or EXTERNALLY (renting shared computer server space on a web specialists company servers; or the firm may own the computer, but it is housed and managed by a third party company “Co-Located”).

Finally, will the Webmaster be on their own at the firm, or will there be Information Technology people at the firm who will be able to offer some type of support for networking and other technical issues? You need to answer all of the above, before you can create an accurate Webmaster job description.

The BRACKETS indicate where you need to answer some of the above questions and then choose the correct response for your firm’s specific requirements.


This position is responsible for the technical implementation and support of Internet based hardware and software products provided to external customers [only external?]. Performs day-to-day maintenance and installation of server systems including web servers, search engines, and supporting product servers. Three or more years experience in supporting a Website or web based organization.

[Specify web operating system web server software: Unix and Apache Web Server OR NT and Internet Information Server] /web network administration, design and maintenance or related field. Strong background in [Specify Operating System Platform and related web software requirements: Sun and Solaris, SYBASE or ORACLE Database OR Microsoft products and PC networks OR Linux experience??]

Hardware and Networking requirements: [Will the Webmaster need to also manage the network? Or Will the Information Services Dept. handle that? Familiarity with load balancers, monitoring tools, performance analysis and server tuning and balancing. Familiarity with performance benchmarking, measuring, and general application tuning and balancing is a plus.] [A KEY ISSUE is WHERE the Web Server HW and SW will reside: Will they be running on computers owned and managed INTERNALLY; or will they be running on a SHARED WEB HOSTING Arrangement, outsourced to a web hosting specialist company?]

[Specify what certification, if any, is required. Degree in Computer Information Science, technical college or equivalent work experience. Extensive knowledge of [some of the following: Unix, NT, Apache, Database: SYBASE, ORACLE, MS SQL, MySQL,; IIS, ASP, HTML, SSL, and other industry standard Web technologies.] Working knowledge of SERVER hardware, software and peripheral equipment including [Operating Systems : UNIX, LINUX, OR Microsoft operating systems such as Windows NT, 2000, IIS, SQL; and network telecommunications.]” 

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