When Lawyers Should Create a Law Firm Marketing Plan

Law Firm Marketing PlanWhen you hear the words ‘marketing plan’ … what immediately comes to mind?

For many, the thought of sitting down and creating a law firm marketing plan is not appealing in the slightest.

As the new years inches closer, I asked Terrie Wheeler of PSM-Marketing.com to share some tips around creating a legal marketing plan and to clarify WHEN is the right time to do so. Is it really such a big deal to do now or early in the new year?

Click play below to hear simple, yet effective tips to support you with your own lawyer marketing plan.

As Terrie noted, marketing planning should be top of mind through the course of the year – not only at the beginning, middle or end of the year.

Ready to make a solid effort at creating your plan?  Here’s what to do:

1.  Start by Assessing Your Last Year.

Take a look at what happened in your practice this last year

  • what went well
  • what didn’t go well
  • how did you do in terms of generating new revenue
  • who are your competors
  • did you lose business to any of your competitors
  • what’s worked

2.  Turn this into a ROADMAP (If it helps to remove the term marketing plan, don’t call it one).

Knowing that you want to generate more clients isn’t enough.  Take time to review your assessment.  Now you can answer these questions:

  • who are you marketing to
  • who are your audiences – you wil have a different marketing message for your various audiences
  • what do you want to accomplish
  • what are you objectives

Be VERY specific in answering these questions.

3.  Consider how you will implement the plan as per the 4 pillars of marketing:

1.  retaining and growing relationships with existing clients, referral sources

2.  developing new business and establishing relationships with people who do not know you

3.  increasing and expanding your name recognition and awareness in the marketing place (social media etc.)

4. targeted and effective communications – how will you keep your expertise in front of those who will hire you as clients.

If you’re thinking – I don’t need to do all of this!  Let me ask you one question:  you wouldn’t give your clients advice until you’ve done a strategic assessment of their situation – right?  Your marketing plan requires the same assessment.

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