Women Attorneys: Tips to Establish Yourself As A Leader In Your Law Firm

Women Lawyers In LeadershipWomen, more than men, have more challenges in developing their own voice in their law practice, especially in private practice. This results in women lawyers having a difficult time with establishing themselves as leaders in their law firm.

Kimberly Rice, KLAMarketing.com, specializes in supporting women attorneys prosper in their careers. In this video she shares various tips to support women lawyers with establishing themselves as leaders.

Here are just 2 recommendations to start with:

  • find the power players in the law firm and align themselves with them.
  • seek out women lawyer partners and request their insight on how a women lawyer in the firm can move into leadership positions.

Mindset is often the biggest problem. Women typically have a difficult time with their mindset – feeling that they are bragging or ‘tooting their own horn’. In response to this, Kimberly suggests that women lawyers need to own their achievements and be proud to state ‘I can really help my clients do X.’

Another tip to support women attorneys with establishing their credibility is to share what they are involved in outside of the law firm. Participation in external activities can be used for the internal game. Promote the fact that you are speaking at an event, have been named on the Board of Directors of a non profit organization or participate in other activities.

These steps and others that Kimberly shares in this video will help women lawyers build their name and move into leadership roles within a law firm.

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